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World Wetlands Day – Celebrate our Wetlands!

Published on Jan 26, 2014

World Wetlands Day this year is being celebrated in Marlborough with activities at 3 of Marlborough’s most significant lowland wetlands on Saturday 1st February. The 3 wetlands involved are the Para wetland on State Highway 1, Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon and the Wither Hills Rarangi wetland. Each of the wetlands are in different stages of restoration and so this event provides a great opportunity for the public to visit each of them and see the progression of restoration from a largely weed infested wetland like the Para wetland to the Grovetown lagoon where restoration is well underway and finally the beautifully restored wetland habitat of the Wither Hills Rarangi wetland.

There will be activities at each wetland: Tree planting and duck calling at the Para wetland, kayaking on Grovetown lagoon and walking and wood fired pizza at the Wither Hills wetland . A great afternoon for all the family with all equipment is provided at each venue. DOC has produced a booklet with information on each of the wetlands , maps of where to go and details of the timing and activities that will be taking place at each wetland. The booklets are available from the library, Department of Conservation, Wither Hills Winery and Fish and Game.

The programme starts with action at the Para wetland at 12pm-3pm, Grovetown from 1pm-4pm and the Wither Hills wetland from 2-5pm. An information treasure hunt will be a part of the day, where people need to gather information and answer questions at each wetland. Prizes given at the end for each completed form. Hope to see you there Saturday 1st February.

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