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Newsletter 63

Published on May 11, 2023

Game Bird Hunting Season


It is gamebird hunting season nationally. The lagoon is a public space and has multiple users, game bird hunting does take place. The waterfowl season starts on the first weekend in May and runs through to the end of July. Hunters shoot right through the season as weather and bird numbers dictate. Generally hunting is from dawn to 9am, 4.30pm until dark although may continue throughout the day when there is inclement weather.


Hunters at the lagoon please be aware that people are walking and cycling around the lagoon track, often with family. Walkers and cyclists there may be hunters at the lagoon, the shooting can be loud and unexpected.


All lagoon users please remember that the lagoon is a special place, treat it with care and respect - please take any rubbish away with you.



Water Levels

With all this rain the water levels at the lagoon are high. Some of the tracks are slippery and wet underfoot. The high water levels makes tree planting difficult, but the plants in the ground like the wet weather and there are phenomenal growth rates. With the wet soil conditions the working bee this Sunday will be at the Grovetown School.

Trap Lines

The trappers are catching many mice, one trapline check caught 12 mice and 3 rats. Currently the trappers are trialing mouse traps set inside the DOC 200 boxes. Mice are not the target species, mostly rats are caught at the lagoon.


There is a trapping BBQ coming up this month to provide training and to discuss trapping. If you are interested in trapping and would like to know more please contact Tim Barton whos details are at the end of the newsletter.



This year has seen an extraordinary high number of wasps at the lagoon. 48 nests have been found and treated. Many of the volunteers have been stung, some being stung multiple times when they have accidentally discovered a nest. The worst of the wasps should be over now as the seasons are changing, but if you look carefully in the photograph above they are still lingering.


Earth Day

Earth Day at Pollard Park was celebrated on the 30th of April, it was a great family day with lots of environmental information. If you missed it this time, look out for it this time next year.


Sunday Working Bee

Come down to the Grovetown School on Sunday the 14th of May and join us for a working bee. Meeting 9.30am at the School. We will be clearing Old Mans Beard from trees (tree rescue!) and tree planting, working from 9.30 to 11.30am followed by a cup of tea and BBQ. It is Mothers Day, so bring your Mum, or bring the kids down and leave Mum at home for a sleep in.


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