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Grovetown Lagoon Restoration Project


Visiting the Lagoon

Getting there

If going to the Grovetown Lagoon from Blenheim, turn right off State Highway 1 at Grovetown (watching out for the railway crossing). Proceed along the road through suburban Grovetown (Fell Street), cross Vickerman Street, and keep going now through vineyards. Immediately before the end of the road turn right into Steam Wharf Road. Halfway down Steam Wharf Road you can see the Lagoon at a place from which you can launch a kayak. You can park at the end of Steam Wharf Road and walk along the stop bank past the Rowing Club to the Riverside and Springs Wetland areas.


Toilets -  There are no toilets at the lagoon

Picnic tables -  Picnic tables are located near the track to the birdwatching hide, and beside the Wairau river, as indicated on the map

Fun on the water   -  Feel free to launch your kayak on the lagoon. The best launching area at present is at the corner of the lagoon on the south-western side, as indicated on the map

Dogs -  Although dogs can be brought to the lagoon, because of the bird life here we encourage you to leave your dog at home when you visit.

The centre of the Lagoon -   A road  leads into the Urupa (Maori cemetery). This is a public road..

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