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Grovetown Lagoon Restoration Project


Want to help out?

Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon is an exciting project to restore a beautiful wetland for the enjoyment of the people of Marlborough today and for future generations. If you are keen there lots of way you can help out..

Become a member - Receive updates of activities, events and progress via our regular newsletter and you may see opportunities to help in the future in many different ways.

Make a donation - We can’t do it without the support of the community. All donations area gratefully received and go directly into project work. Either a one time or a regular donation towards the cost of restoring this area will be well used.

Link to our Givealittle page here.

Become a volunteer – Join a group of passionate volunteers. Take a hands-on role in the restoration of Grovetown Lagoon. Give your time and reap the rewards as the area comes to life again.

Use your Expertise - Have you got carpentry skills? - Build a Look-Out!  Can you write? - Be part of the promotion team!  IT skills? - Maintain and enhance  this web-site!

Become a sponsor – Either of a specific area of the lagoon, or of a bridge or structure,  or of overall restoration – you choose.  We are a registered charity for tax purposes.

Sponsor a seat – We would love to have seating around the tracks so visitors can enjoy the peace and serenity that makes Grovetown lagoon so special.  Each donated seat will have a plaque indicating the seat sponsor

Adopt-a-Track – Either alone or with others commit to maintaining an area of the track. We will tell you everything you need to know and give you the tools you need to make this happen. All you need to do is choose what part of the track you would like to ‘adopt’.

Working Bee Schedule

Meeting at the Wairau Rowing Club

Working Bees

Weed control work and planting work are some of the activities undertaken at Working Bees. Volunteers will also be working on the track being created around the lagoon.  

Weed control of smaller plants is very necessary, especially at the times of year when growth can be very rapid. New plants can easily be smothered without weeds being controlled in the immediate area, so weed work must be constant so new plants have the best environment after planting. With no weeds around them new plants do not have to compete for sunlight and water when they are just becoming established.

More volunteers are always welcome at the Working Bees, which are held on a regular basis.  

As well as a chance to get stuck in to the job of the day, it is a chance to catch up with other progress on the project, and enjoy the company of other locals involved.    

Working Bees start and 9:30am and finish at 12:30, with a tasty sausage and cuppa as a welcome reward. Workers enjoy a couple of hours in a beautiful spot, and a range of jobs are available – with full training provided. 

Want to help? That would be great! Find out how you can help