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Grovetown Lagoon Restoration Project

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Next Work Bee

When: 12 June 2022. Time: 9:30 am

Where:Wairau Rowing Club

Welcome to the Grovetown Lagoon Restoration Project

If you come to the Grovetown Lagoon you will see something very special emerging from the weeds, polluted water and piles of rubbish that previously overwhelmed this area.

The Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon Restoration Project (Te Whanau Hou means ‘new family’) is a community project connecting all sorts of people working steadily to restore a very special freshwater wetland so everyone can enjoy a shady rest, walk, picnic, kayak and relish the serenity of this sanctuary (and the hundreds of birds that live there!).

The project is a combined effort between:

  • Mana Whenua
  • Grovetown community
  • Marlborough District Council
  • Department of Conservation
  • Nelson Marlborough Fish and Game Council
  • NZ Landcare Trust

Working Group Meetings

MDC Meeting Room

Sunday Working Bee Schedule

Wairau Rowing Club

Date: 12 June 2022. Time: 9:30 am
  • Newsletter 54

    Newsletter published on: Jun 8, 2022

    A Special Thank you  Te Whanau Hou is very fortunate to receive the support of the Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust and Simcox Construction. Their financial support helps to fund the habitat restoration program at the Lagoon by enabling the planting of local eco-sourced plants around the Lagoon. Photograph above from left to right Tim Barton, Rob Clarke, Rosanne Anderson, Doug Hislop, Antony Clark and Justine Johnson.    The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife.....

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Visit The Grovetown Lagoon

Grovetown Lagoon is one of the few natural wetlands remaining on the Wairau Plain.


The Grovetown Lagoon was once part of the Wairau River. Today it is an oxbow lake...


The lagoon is currently home to a variety of plants including Kahikatea, Cabbage Tree, Flax and Raupo


The lagoon is currently home to a variety of birds such as pukeko, mallard, shoveler duck, paradise duck, grey teal, black shags and black swan

Want to help? That would be great! Find out how you can help