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Newsletter 66

Published on Aug 8, 2023

Kotoreke Marsh Crake

Marsh crakes, kotoreke are small water birds that are rarely seen, however there is a pair at the lagoon. The marsh crake is one of the most secretive New Zealand birds, largely because it inhabits dense wetland vegetation, rarely ventures into the open and usually only calls at dawn or dusk and through the night. The upper parts of the crake’s body are rich chestnut-brown with flecks of black and white, the under parts are grey with black-and-white bars towards the flanks, the eye is bright red, the beak green and the legs olive. The marsh crake or Zapornia pusilla is a native and its conservation status is declining (New Zealand Birds Online The digital Encyclopedia of New Zealand Birds, New Zealand Birds Online 2023 Website, accessed August 2023, https://nzbirdsonline.org.nz/species/marsh-crake). Thank you to Toni Black for the beautiful photographs and careful observation. There is a second marsh crake photograph from Toni towards the end of the Newsletter.

Annual General Meeting

Thanks to everyone that attended the Annual General Meeting last month. Above are the new community members for Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon. (Left column Rosanne Anderson, Lis Johnson, Rosanne Marsden, right column Phil Bradfield, Guy Gardiner and Doug Hislop). Welcome to Phil and Guy who are new community representatives. Te Whanau Hou Executive is made up of Community representatives and Foundation Partners. The Foundation Partners are representatives from Ngāti Rārua, Ngāti Toa Rangatira, Rangitāne, Department of Conservation and the Marlborough District Council.


Tim Barton has been the Executive Chair since 2012, however Tim did not stand for the executive this year. Tim has stepped down from Chair after his long and very productive service. The lagoon has moved forward under Tim’s chairing with many beautiful and thoughtful structures. Tim is going to stay on as the Chair of the working group, the working group is the operational group and Tim hopes to become more active in the Wetland Warriors, Thank you Tim.

Trap Lines - Phil Hunnisett

Greetings everyone and thank you for your interest in protecting the unique Grovetown Lagoon. Thanks also to Tim and Kerry for hosting the recent BBQ where the trapping group was able to connect and discuss the on going work at the lagoon. One of the matters that came out of this gathering was the difficulty with the DOC 200 traps in the small trap boxes, it was decided that these boxes will be phased out. Thank you to the Men’s Shed who are presently building new traps for us. If you are a trap line checker, keep your trapline reports coming in, if you are interested in checking the traps then please contact Justine Johnson, details at the end of the Newsletter.


Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon would like to thank Honda who service our quad bike. Honda pick up the quad, fix and then drop it back. It is a wonderful service, they donate to the lagoon in kind and we really appreciate Honda’s support.

Sunday Working Bee

Come down to the Grovetown Lagoon on Sunday the 13th of August and join us for a working bee. Meeting 9.30am at the Rowing Club. We will be fixing the kahikatea posts and clearing weeds away from young trees, working from 9.30 to 11.30am followed by a cup of tea and BBQ. Thanks to Meaters of Marlborough for providing the sausages.


Wednesday (and/or Thursday) Wetland Warriors
Looking for something to do that involves lots of fresh air? Wednesday Warriors, weeding, planting and caring for plants at the Lagoon every Wednesday 9.30am - 11.30am. Or potting up in the Shade house Thursday from 1pm to 3pm at the Grovetown School.
Contact Person is Rosanne Anderson rosanne.anderson@gmail.com

Lagoon Events for 2023

Working Bee Dates
Every second Sunday of the Month (excluding January and December)

  • 13 August

  • 10 September

  • 8 October

  • 12 November

Working Group Meeting Dates
Every 6 weeks on Tuesday at 3.30pm at Council.

  • 12 September

  • 7 November

Executive Meeting Dates
Quarterly 3.30pm at Council

  • 22 August

  • 21 November


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