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Newsletter 58

Published on Oct 3, 2022

In 2016 Tim Barton, Peter Hamill and Hamish Beard decided that it was time to start predator control at the Grovetown Lagoon. Under the guidance of Mike Bell a trapping policy was developed. Both the internal and external perimeters of the lagoon are trapped. The outside of the lagoon is for people to use, where as the inside of the lagoon is for bird nesting. Initially the trapping lines were over 7kms at a rate of 1 trap every 100 metres. New areas of trap lines have been added as the program has progressed. 

Last month we farewelled Hamish, thank you for all your enthusiasic trapping and leadership over the last 6 years. We welcome Shannon Ritter the new volunteer trapping manager. Read more about Shannon in the article below.  The photograph above shows Tim Barton presenting Hamish Beard with a historical print of the Wairau Plains. 




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