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Newsletter 68

Published on Oct 3, 2023

Spring at the Lagoon


Spring is a great time of year and it is especially beautiful down at the lagoon. Many bird species are present or have returned to the lagoon, the shags are building their nests, the royal spoonbills/kōtuku ngutupapa are back. There are also many chicks and juvenile birds.


Many plants are just starting to come into flower, see the photographs below taken at the lagoon this week. Some of the native plants have very small flowers, so careful observation is required. The Marlborough rock daisies are in bud. The rock daisy is an unusual choice for a wetland, but there are some very dry areas at the lagoon where the daisies are thriving.


The weather is starting to dry out, so we are nearing the end of our very successful planting season. There have been many wonderful school groups come out to the lagoon to join the planting - Rapaura School, Grovetown School, Marlborough Girls College and the Graeme Dingle Stars Peer Mentoring Programme. It has been lovely to have so many schools come back out to the Lagoon.  


There are two more Sunday working bees left this year, we will be planting on Sunday the 8th of October. So come down to the lagoon it may be the last planting day of the year.


Kāruhiruhi (pied shag) are building nests in the same tree they nested in last year. The kāruhiruhi are visible from the curved boardwalk on Kelly’s Creek looking across the lagoon. Bring your binoculars or a zoom lens.




Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon have now got 15 new traps made by the Blenheim Men’s Shed. Thanks to Glen Doggett, Phil Hutson and all the other volunteers who made this possible. The new traps are the ‘Rotoiti’ design, an advance on the old DOC boxes, enabling carcasses to be more easily removed. We are still catching lots of critters at the lagoon and these traps will help to catch more.  


It is Spring and birds are nesting at the lagoon. It’s a great time to come down and have a look around. Dogs are welcome at the lagoon. Please keep your dog on leash to protect the large variety of nesting birds at the lagoon, some of the birds are ground nesting.


Sunday Working Bee

Come down to the Grovetown Lagoon on Sunday the 8th of October and join us for a working bee. Meeting 9.30am at the Rowing Club. We will be working from 9.30 to 11.30am followed by a cup of tea and BBQ. Thanks to Meaters of Marlborough for providing the sausages.


Wednesday (and/or Thursday) Wetland Warriors
Looking for something to do that involves lots of fresh air? Wetland Warriors - weeding, planting and caring for plants at the Lagoon every Wednesday 9.30am - 11.30am. Or potting up in the shade house Thursday from 1pm to 3pm at the Grovetown School.
Contact Person is Rosanne Anderson  rosanne.anderson@gmail.com

Lagoon Events for 2023

Working Bee Dates
Every second Sunday of the Month (excluding January and December)

  • 8 October

  • 12 November

Working Group Meeting Dates
Every 6 weeks on Tuesday at 3.30pm at Council.

  • 7 November

Executive Meeting Dates
Quarterly 3.30pm at Council

  • 21 November


Community Conservation Events

Marlborough Biodiversity Forum - Sunday 15 October
Marlborough Research Centre, 85 Budge Street, Blenheim


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