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Newsletter 56

Published on Aug 10, 2022

Dry July? Not quite, Marlborough has seen its wettest July since...well records began.

The gentle curving boardwalk over Kelly's Creek is designed to be close to the water. The boardwalk is both a practical and appealing structure. It is great on a good day, people can get close to the water, there are views of the lagoon and great bird watching. However, the cost of putting the boardwalk close to the water is that it can not be used all of the time. When the structure was designed it was estimated that the boardwalk will be over topped with flood flows three times a year. This year it has probably been inundated three times in July!

The lagoon has stood up well to the flooding with no real damage. The track is wet underfoot and there is surface water ponding in places. 
The photograph of the swans above is actually of the boardwalk over Kelly's Creek. Thank you to Chris Faulls for the photograph. Compare the above swan photograph to the photograph below showing the boardwalk in normal conditions. 

Please take care when walking around the lagoon. If the boardwalk is submerged in turbid water, then it is not safe to cross. Flood waters can be deceiving and are often unsanitary.  

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