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Message from our Chair – Tim Barton

Published on Dec 20, 2015

Shade House

Our Shade-house at Grovetown School was in the way of a newclassroom to be built at the school next year. The Spring Creek Lionsvery generously offered to relocate the structure within the schoolgrounds. This has involved a band of Lions, led by some retired tradesmen, working on the Shade-house on a regular basis. The Shade-house is now on a new site near the School’s southern boundary, slightly better than before, and being connected to a water supply courtesy of Corrections whose Community Workers will dig the necessary trench. Some new materials will be paid for by Grovetown Lagoon Society. The organisation and labour has been provided by the Lions,for which we are very grateful. I asked the Spring Creek Lions how wecould thank them for their efforts. They suggested we invite them for atour of the Lagoon, which we will organise in the New Year.

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