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Steam Wharf Track Opening

Published on Jun 6, 2014

Parts of the new track have been underwater during the rain we’ve had over Easter and more recently. We planned ahead for this and these track sections are based on a dense mat of used vineyard posts and paved with crushed roading gravel, and they have stood up very well as expected. This first section of track needs maintenance, as will the rest of the circuit track we are planning. We need to gain funding for subsequent track sections, coordinate mowing, vegetation removal and coordinate general maintenance of this and other assets we have around the Lagoon. Bridges are the biggest expense for the next sections of the track. I’m confident we can achieve the funding we need, and this track will create a unique experience here – it will allow visitors to Marlborough and us the locals to see birds we’ve never seen before, and many more of them than we thought possible!

Despite all the rain we had a successful Working Bee last Sunday (15th June) when the sun shone and the air was warm. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 29th at the Track Opening.

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