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HO! HO! HO!…Who wants a bridge for Christmas?

Published on Dec 9, 2014

This has been my second year as chair of Te Whanau Hou Grovetown Lagoon Inc and I find myself getting more used to the role, but I haven’t got to the stage where I find any of it predictable. Certainly things at the Lagoon don’t always travel on a level and straight path, and alternative approaches are always needed. We have set-backs, but I am made continually aware of the kind deeds and good-will extended to the group and the project by our foundation members, by supporters, by neighbours and by people who approach us with generous offers.

I’ll briefly list important things that have happened over the last year:

Steam Wharf Track: A major achievement, if only a short track. It was funded by the Walking Access Commission and aided in it’s construction by John Gilchrist and Gary Smart. It has been generously mowed by Doug Hislop. I was pleased at the support and recognition we got at the opening in June. Let us hope we get funds for the Steam Wharf Bridge, and until we do, we have a plan to extend the Track the other way, through parts of the Lagoon which don’t require expensive bridges.

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