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October 2014 Newsletter

Published on Oct 9, 2014

We are looking forward to the spring growth in our gardens and also in our plantings at the Grovetown Lagoon. Many of you will have noticed how well some of our trees and shrubs have flourished since re-planting commenced several years ago, and this is an encouraging sign that life is changing at the lagoon. Spring is also the time of the growth of weeds and of pest-plant species which infest the Lagoon. The ability of plants to get their roots down into the shallow ground water at the Lagoon enables fast growth, of both the plants we are encouraging and discouraging!

Two of our contractors who have been involved with the project for some time have now moved on to other work. Dave Barker had been involved both in guidance and contracting roles almost since the inception of the project and Steve Dower’s involvement, while more recent, has been for a good number of years. We’ll miss Dave's and Steve’s expertise and encouragement. We are talking to other contractors who we will engage to control weeds, some of which (grey willows in particular) need specialist treatment. The grey willows are in the Springs Wetland area immediately adjacent to the lagoon, purchased last year by the Council.

We are thrilled to be working with an expanded team of volunteers, some of whom are taking organisational roles. You probably know Debbie Balcombe who coordinated efforts with RNZAF Woodbourne prior to and during the day the Air Force trainees cleared willow from near the piggery. Debbie is very skilled in facilitating this kind of work, and is helping with other organizational tasks. Rosanne Anderson is now on board and one of her first roles is to coordinate with Wairau Rowing Club over the felling of trees near the Riverside Block. Rosanne Anderson and Howard Sadd are consulting with iwi over the carving and siting of Pou Whenua for Grovetown Lagoon.

Lis Johnston is now kindly helping out with our accounts. The shade -house at Grovetown school needs someone to maintain it and the plants within it, and to help propagate and pot-up plants. Any volunteers? There are other tasks requiring someone to step forward. Let me know if you are interested (021-609-748).

At this stage I must thank more of our community who are helping out, and not just at Working Bees. In particular Gary Smart and John Trevena (as well as Debbie, Lis and the Rosannes) have made a difference. We could not do this without you.

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